RegionComplect is a supplier of the company's own engineering components as well as machinery from the leading producers in the field. The company has been present on the market since 2007 and every year it confirms the reputation of a reliable, responsible business partner.

Work streams

Engineering of excavators
The remodeling of excavating machinery into harvesters is a widely-spread solution which is used all over the world and the experts from RegionComplect specialize in this reconstruction. The technical solutions of our experienced engineers have been tested in the field and are supported by the positive reviews from clients.
River transshipment and assortment transportation solutions
RegionComplect together with the Arsplav company are reviving assortment rafting and applying an innovative solution for the industry: we use remodeled excavators Volvo EC250 in combination with Volvo 120 front loaders. When paired up these vehicles reload up to 1 500 m³ a day.
Utility machinery, forest tractor machines with overhead equipment
RegionComplect has been an official dealer of the AGCO brand since January 2018, the company is also a representative of the tractor equipment manufactured by Valtra and Fendt. When combined with overhead equipment, which is provided by the company, this machinery becomes an indispensable assistant for utilities, agriculture and logging.
Contact Information
Stegantsev Yurii
Director of LLC RegionComplect
Posokhin Roman
Director of Separate Company Branch LLC RegionComplect in St. Petersburg
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